Women’s Embodiment Circle – 2/24/22 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST

You are invited Thursday, February 24th, 2022, to an evening of movement, meditation, poetry, and sound. We will be practicing the art of receiving and savoring the moment through our bodies and our senses. Why? Because it is delicious. Because it is our birthright! Because when we slow down and drop in in this way, Life opens up a fulfillment to us that transforms our perception of reality and how we are able to engage with it. The nourishment that awaits in this undercurrent is profound…and the magical part is discovering that your body already knows how to receive this.  Come, Sister, you are most welcome! Let’s remember together…

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Suggested exchange: $33.00



Why embodiment?…

Ignoring or cutting ourselves off from the rich storehouse of experience and emotion that is contained in our bodies can create a loss of vitality, numbness, emotional & spiritual stagnation, physical pain, and stress. As we tune into deeper aspects of ourselves through body-based practices designed to facilitate sensitive listening and empowered expression, there is vital power, deep wisdom, and profound connection that becomes available to us through the direct experience of the unique sensations and truth-telling of our bodies. Our feminine bodies begin to sensitize, heal and F L O W.

We will be working with practices based in Tantric, Kundalini and other somatic-based lineages to dive deeply into our beings to explore, express and flow with what we find residing within. With the release of un-needed layers and tensions, we are able to access and enjoy new levels of pleasure, freedom, connection, creativity, resourcefulness, sensitivity and joy. In short, this is a space where you get to return to the true and divine essence of YOU.

You are encouraged to bring all of your authentic self to this gathering, however you may be feeling. All is welcome! These sessions take place in a non-judgmental and safely held space. They will be guided by voice and specifically chosen music to support deep practice.

Woman, I am excited to welcome you into this circle!


Please gift yourself with preparing in advance for our time together.

-Find a private space where you will feel comfortable to move and sound freely.

-Prepare your space with care and devotion. Candles, incense, oils, crystals, flowers, sage, or building an altar are some ideas.

-Set yourself up with cushions, pillows, blankets….whatever you may need to be supported and comfortable during seated practices, hands & knees floor movement, and a cozy savasana.

-Virtual doors will open at 5:45. Please use this liminal time to get yourself logged and settled in, as we will begin promptly at 6:00 pm.

-For the integrity and safety of our container, our virtual doors will close at 6:10.