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Dropping Into Embodiment

Why embodiment?…

Ignoring or cutting ourselves off from the rich storehouse of experience and emotion that is contained in our bodies can create a loss of vitality, numbness, emotional & spiritual stagnation, physical pain, and stress. As we tune into deeper aspects of ourselves through body-based practices designed to facilitate sensitive listening and empowered expression, there is vital power, deep wisdom, and profound connection that becomes available to us through the direct experience of the unique sensations and truth-telling of our bodies. Our feminine bodies begin to sensitize, heal and F L O W. We will be working with practices based in various somatic-based lineages to dive deeply into our beings to explore, express and flow with what we find residing within. With the release of unneeded layers and tensions, we are able to access and enjoy new levels of pleasure, freedom, connection, creativity, resourcefulness, sensitivity, and joy. In short, this is a space where you get to return to the true and divine essence of YOU. You are encouraged to bring all of your authentic self to our gatherings, however, you may be feeling. All is welcome! The sessions take place in a non-judgmental and safely held space. They will be guided by Keri and specifically chosen music to support deep practice.


Transporting Into Sacredness

Tea ceremony is a space where we can settle into a quiet, grounded place inside ourselves. Where we can slow down, outside of the harried pace of day-to-day life with the medicine of the tea as our guide. She is a gentle teacher who meets us exactly where we are, asks nothing of us, and opens a door to awakened presence and a peaceful sense of connection. The centuries-old ritual of tea incorporates the elements of nature in a dance of fire, water, earth and air. The ceremony is held in silence as we have the opportunity to mindfully tune into ourselves, our breath, our senses, and into the tea itself…slowing our minds, opening our hearts, and inspiring our spirits with a deeper connection to ourselves and to Nature.


Upcoming Offerings

Women's Embodiment Circle 5/16/24
Sacred Tea Ceremony Coming Soon


"When wanting a place to drop into your deep feminine loving self, look no further than a workshop with Keri. She will invite you to dance, move, shake, listen to the guidance of ways back to your divine gorgeous self. Two hours of uninterrupted time for all of You to be nourished and loved. She is deeply moved to guide women, and it is evident. As you walk away, you feel so cared for & deeply loved. Delicious."
Karynne Boese
Master Soul Coach
"I highly recommend the women’s circle Keri hosts to any woman longing to connect in a deeper way with her body, her spirit, and a community of magical women. Keri is wildly intuitive and leads from a place of heart not ego. This means I leave the sessions not only feeling physically recharged and renewed, but also refreshed spiritually."
Charity Finnestad
Author and Mother
"Keri has a wonderful way of making everyone feel at home in her circle, not easy especially when done out of necessity via Zoom. Her open, honest and nurturing approach to guiding participants through her workshop feels very organic, pure and what people need to help them through times like these and beyond. A grounded community indeed!"
Claudia Mason
Super Model and Author
"I have truly found my community in the embodiment circle birthed by goddess Keri Khalighi. Diving into the depths of the divine feminine through movement, vocal expression, yoga, guided meditation, & poetry is nectar to my soul. This…is medicine!"
Michelle Corp
Yoga Instructor