Keri began her journey into the teachings of meditation, yoga, bodywork, and addiction/trauma recovery in her early 20s. In 2002, she became a birth and postpartum doula, assisting many women through the initiation portal of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. By way of her own personal journey through this motherhood initiation (taken three times over), she began her descent in earnest into the intimate gnosis of the stories, wisdom, and mystery carried in the bodies of women that deeply informs her work today.

The last 15 years have been devoted to studying, training, and practicing with teachers from various Tantric lineages, somatic knowledge, shamanic wisdom, and subtle energy work. Life has led Keri to do her richest internal work in the realms of feminine embodiment, sacred intimacy and sexuality, the path of motherhood, conscious communication, and the way of tea. She is passionate about working with women to reconnect them to the power and truth of who they really are – both individually and collectively – in this potent time as the divine feminine reemerges to take Her rightful seat once again.

Keri also works in partnership with her husband, Amir Khalighi, founder of Embodied Masculine, as a way to work with couples who want to breathe new life into their relationships through deeper connection, sex, communication, and play.

Keri is a deep lover of family, the Earth, the elements, and merging art with Life. She lives in Los Angeles with her beloved husband and three ass-kicking daughters.