Post Practice Care: Winter Solstice Journaling Prompts

Women's Circle

The overall theme of the past year was:

My biggest lesson:

What did I prove to myself that I’m capable of?

What do I wish (or need) to let go of? What are habits, patterns, beliefs, relationships, relational dynamics that no longer serve me? (Or, what has been forced on me to let go of?)

What are ways I can begin to let go?

What emotions come up when I feel into this letting go? (Grief, fear, relief, vulnerability, loneliness, empowerment, curiosity, etc…)

What boundaries will serve me as I step even more fully into my power? 

What do I need to say NO to? 

In what ways do I feel I can forgive myself? Others? Who is it I need to forgive?

What is most nourishing to me? How can I give myself more of this?

What protection and/or support do I need moving ahead? (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…)

What investments will I make in myself? (Consider how and what you want to grow and what that may require you to give.)

What is of greatest value in my life? Does the time and energy I put into this reflect how I hold it in value? If not, what are two small ways I can shift and align myself to this?

What do I want to birth/create in this new year? What seeds can I plant now that may sprout come Springtime?

10 things I’m grateful for this Winter Solstice and holiday season:

How can I bring magic, warmth, hope, joy into this holiday season? Into my life, my home? (measurable, tangible ways)